Nothing Beats Hair Cuts From our Barbers in Anchorage, AK

You've got stuff to do, and manscaping isn't your biggest priority. When it'stime for a haircut in Anchorage, you want to run in,
get it done, and come out looking great. You want a barber you can trust, someone who can give you the look you want. Visit our
experienced barbers at A Cut Above, and enjoy unmatched services at an economical price.

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At A Cut Above, we offer comprehensive hairstyle and shaving services to male clientele. We're Anchorage's one-stop shop for all
of your hair and beard maintenance needs.

Hair cuts

Getting your haircut at a new place can seem like a risk.  Since you lead a busy life, you have to ensure that your hair trimmer will keep the time short without botching the job. You also have to trust your stylist to make sure you walk out the door looking better than you did before.

When you swing by A Cut Above, you have nothing to worry about. We pride ourselves on offering our Anchorage clients quick, affordable haircuts.  We cater directly to men who want a good barbershop experience, so visit us to enjoy our comfortable, relaxing environment and get a quick haircut or beard trim. 

Haircuts From an Experienced Team

Have a particular look in mind?  Let us know, and we'll make it happen.  You're in charge of your own hair-not us.  Count on our team of Anchorage barbers to create the look you want.  We're sure you'll be satisfied.

 Beard Trimming Services for the Guy on the Go

Don't have time for a daily beard trim?  No problem.  Along with haircuts, we provide our clientele with beard shaping and general facial hair trimming.  Here in Anchorage, beards are always in, so we're free to trim your beard on a regular workday or weekend as well as right before special occasions like weddings, christenings, or important business functions.

 Close Shaves at the Right Price

A $5 razor works in a pinch, but if you have a little extra time or want to treat yourself, visit us to experience the closests have you've ever had.  You'll walk out of our barbershop with a smooth face and a smile.

 Drop In Any Time or Call for an Appointment

We've been an Anchorage establishment since 1979, and we know exactly what our customers want. We pay attention to every last detail and ensure that you walk away from the barber's chair happy.  We don't want you to stress about finding time for a haircut, so feel free to stop by any time, no appointment necessary.

If you operate on a stricter schedule, call ahead at (907) 276-6884 to set an appointment.

Beard trimming

Beards are always in in Alaska. Maintain yours with a professional barber'scare. We offer facial hair trimming and shaping for beards of all sizes. Beard trims are especially important for special occasions, such as business presentations, weddings, graduations, and christenings. Make sure your beard looks neat and clean for your next big day.

Classic shaves

Classic shaves are the man's version of a day at the spa. Lean back and let one of our experienced barbers use a razor-sharp blade to give you the closest, smoothest shave of your life.
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